example: communicating with your fellow peers

[She stares at the vandalized church, frowning before walking across the street, glass crunching underfoot the entire way. The red pentagrams grow ever larger as she nears the building and walks up a few steps to the door.]

I hope this won’t come back to bite me in the ass...

[She tries the doors.] Locked. Dammit. Well, maybe there’s a back way in…or I could just get something and smash the windows out.

((@furelisa: You better be in the church. I don’t want to get shot because I was trying to find you and stumbled across some violent anti-religious gang instead.))

Example: IC Communication

[call; filtered to The Power That Is (TPTI)]

Hey, jackass. Listen up. I need you to stop jerking off over your little game for a minute and pay attention over here.

I've got some serious problems in my sector. People are figuring shit out, screwing with things they shouldn't be screwing with. Something you said wouldn't be happening. And it is! What a fucking shocker.

Long story short: What the hell is going on and why is it screwing up my sector? And FYI, I don't want your bullshit roundabout answers this time. Real answers, answers that'll get me results, or I'll come over to your pad and pound them out of you. You're not God, you're not anything but some punk too high on his ego to realize his toy's coming down and coming down fast.

((An OOC note to the people reading this: This call, and the following conversation, do not pertain to the main game's plot. Not yet, anyways.))

Example: Recording

[private; recording; unhackable]

[The tape recording crackles a bit before a distinctly male voice starts playing. Whoever he is, he sounds exhausted and more than a little irritated.]

God, today was a nightmare.

Another world switch today. We ended up in...well. Who knows where we ended up in? We couldn't see half the time, what with all the what I think was sand blowing around. Whatever the hell it was it was burning my eyes like crazy. On top of that, we had to find some kid or something. We didn't--I don't know who thought that bright idea up, sending three people out in a sandstorm to find one kid--and we got shunted back into the house again.

Minus our "present" from last time.

Everyone's mad. Furious. That...reward, whatever you want to call it, that was the only thing keeping most of us going. And now? Gone. Nothing left to keep us from wanting to just die and get it over with.

[There's a sound of rustling fabric, as though he's laying down. It stops after a minute, replaced by a sigh before he starts talking again.]

I can't remember what mine was. But I know I had it. I just...don't remember anything about it. I don't know if it was a memory or a book or--or what, I just don't remember a damn thing about what it was. It's all so fuzzy now...

But that isn't going to get me anywhere. So let's pony up here, boy, get us some courage and start pounding on ahead again.


I just wish I knew who I was. I'd give anything, the clothes off my back, the blood out of my body, just to have my memories back, to know myself past just knowing my name.

...God, I'm just tired. Talking into this thing isn't helping at all, either, just making me depressed as hell.

[The recording ends with a click.]